Prime Minister Marape Sets High Expectations for Newly Appointed Ministers

Sunday 21 January 2024

Prime Minister Hon. James Marape today underscored government’s commitment to delivering development for Papua New Guineans, emphasising the responsibility of the six newly-appointed ministers and those reshuffled.

The Prime Minister made the six new ministerial appointments and reshuffled Cabinet last Thursday 18 January.

“My government is now into its second year in office, and I want to remind the new ministers and those reshuffled that our job is to deliver development to our people,” Prime Minister Marape reiterated.

He further highlighted the strategic placement of ministers to ensure specific sectors are revitalised and operating at full capacity. “Those appointed are expected to step up and deliver in their respective roles,” he asserted.

Prime Minister Marape emphasised the equal importance of all ministries, stating, “There is no big minister or small ministry; all ministers are the same.

“In a house of equals, some were picked ahead of others, considering regional and political party balances in our government coalition. I also considered young leaders, taking into account that they are the future.”

The newly appointed ministers are as follows:

•    Koroba-Kopiago MP Hon. William Bando (United Resources Party) as Coffee Minister;

  • Nipa-Kutubu MP Hon. Dr William Joseph (Social Democratic Party) as Defence Minister;
  • Popondetta MP Hon. Richard Masere (Greens Party) as Key Constitutional  Offices Minister;
  • Kundiawa-Gembogl MP Hon. Muguwa Dilu (Pangu Pati) as Mining Minister;
  • Esa’ala MP Hon. Jimmy Maladina (Pangu Pati) as Petroleum Minister;
  • Obura-Wonenara MP Hon. John Boito (Pangu Pati) as Agriculture Minister.

In notable changes, Defence Minister Hon. Win Daki (Pangu Pati) has been reassigned to Commerce and Industry, filling the vacancy left by the court ousting of former minister Henry Amuli. Coffee Minister Hon. Joe Kuli (United Resources Party) has been moved to Correctional Services.

Additionally, the Internal Security portfolio, encompassing Police and Correctional Services, has been divided, with Minister Hon. Peter Tsiamalili Jr (Pangu Pati) focusing exclusively on Police.

Prime Minister Marape also disclosed adjustments to major portfolios:

•         Prime Minister Marape assumes the role of Treasury Minister, with Hon. Ian Ling-Stuckey providing support;

•         Mining Minister Hon. Ano Pala (Pangu Pati) becomes Minister for National Planning, leading to the division of the Finance and National Planning portfolio. Hon. Rainbo Paita (Pangu Pati) remains as Minister for Finance;

•         Moresby-South MP Hon. Justin Tkatchenko (Social Democratic Party) resumes the role of Foreign Affairs Minister;

•         The Petroleum and Energy portfolio is split, with Esa’ala MP Hon. Jimmy Maladina (Pangu Pati) becoming Petroleum Minister, while Sinasina-Yongumugl MP Hon. Kerenga Kua (PNG National Party) continues as Energy Minister.