Government commends UNICEF for addressing children’s issue in country

Thursday 25 April 2024

The government of Papua New Guinea will continue its support to UNICEF as the leading partner addressing children’s issues in the country.

Foreign Affairs Minister Hon. Justin Tkatchenko made these remarks at a meeting  this week with outgoing UNICEF Country Representative, Dr Claudes Kamenga.

“Thank you Mr Kamenga, your work in the country is commendable and I appreciate what you have done.”

“You have helped our children in a massive way coordinating with our departments and various agencies.”

“It’s not easy working in a country like PNG, things take a bit longer and more time to do.”

“Your time here is greatly appreciated and we look forward to receiving your predecessor,” Minister Tkatchenko said.

Dr Kamenga joined the UN in PNG in 2021 and assumed overall responsibility for UNICEFs activities and led a country programme aimed at addressing inequality and ensuring that children’s rights are fulfilled.

“The best for the children of this country is still to come.”

 “The government must lead and mobilise all its partners to ensure that the right of every child in this country is fulfilled.”

Dr Kamenga    expressed his profound gratitude for excellent collaboration between the government of PNG, UNICEF, and for all the support he  received during his  tenure in the country.

“The government has been very supportive in facilitating the goods that we import to support the government.

“Please convey to the Prime Minister my utmost gratitude for his leadership and his support to the work that we have done and continued to do.”

Mr Kamenga acknowledged the departments of National Planning and Monitoring, Community Development, Religion and Youth, Health, Education and Justice and Attorney General.

He said certain areas merit special attention including violence against children, malnutrition, cold chain facilities for vaccination and report on the convention on the rights of a child.

He said about 75 percent of children have reported being victim of physical or psychological violence and close to 80 percent of fathers have admitted belting their children.

Meanwhile, he added that although malnutrition is a serious concern, the government’s efforts with support from its partners have scaled up nutrition services.

“While the situation has improved, the situation of children in this country remains alarming.

“It calls for more intensified effort by the government and its development partners,” Mr Kamenga said.

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