Government to respond on “upfront” Tertiary Education Fees Concerns

Tuesday 13   February, 2024

Minister for Higher Education and Sports, Hon. Don Polye during the first session of Parliament, February 13, 2024 (picture: Parliament Media)

Minister for Higher Education and Sports, Hon. Don Polye has assured Parliament that the government was committed to finding viable measures to support families grappling with the financial demands of tertiary education.

 Minister Polye was responding to questions without notice from the Governor  of  Manus  Hon. Charlie Benjamin, in Parliament today, over the 75 percent tuition fees to be paid by parents of students living in  rural areas, and how the Department of Higher Education  plan to help those students.

Mr Benjamin  further said students were currently  registering  at colleges and universities and most of these students come from rural areas with little resources to pay for school fees that are more than K15,000 to  K20,000.

The question without notice was  centered around the government’s plans to alleviate the financial burden on parents whose children are enrolled in tertiary institutions, specifically addressing the requirement to pay 75 percent  of tuition fees for registration.

Minister  Polye acknowledged the significant concerns raised by parents and students alike regarding this matter..

 “I’ve received a lot of queries and concerns regarding this issue from parents and students,” Minister Polye stated.

 He further assured that steps were being taken to address the situation.

“I’ve requested the Department of Higher Education to provide me with a brief on how the government can intervene and assist with this,” Minister Polye affirmed.

Minister Polye stressed, “This is a very important issue that needs to be addressed promptly.”

The Higher Education Minister outlined the course of action saying “The Department will put together a report so I can provide a comprehensive response.”

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