ICT Minister Leads Delegation to Indonesia for Bilateral Meeting

Monday 22 April, 2024

ICT Minister Hon. Timothy Masiu addressing the opening dinner for his Ministerial Trip to Jakarta via the PNG-Papua Border, at Vanimo Medalion Hotel

Years of discussions between Papua New Guinea and Indonesia culminated in a historic visit to Jakarta, led by the Minister for Information Communication and Technology, Hon. Timothy Masiu. Masiu is joined by a high-level delegation that includes the Chief Executive Officer for NICTA, Mr. Kila Gulo-Vui, Deputy Secretary for Policy and Emergency Technology Wing at the Department of Information Communication & Technology, Mr. Flierl Shongol, and technical officers from NICTA and the National Broadcasting Corporation.

Minister Masiu, who hails from a border province himself, highlighted the importance of addressing border issues and developing these regions. He expressed hope for a signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to address these concerns, particularly regarding broadcast and telecommunication interference.

“I am excited to meet my counterpart minister for ICT in Indonesia. This trip aims to raise awareness about the importance of our shared border,” Minister Masiu said.

NICTA CEO, Mr. Gulo-Vui, emphasized the importance of collaboration in driving digital transformation and enhancing socio-economic development. He stated that the meeting presents a unique opportunity to strengthen ties, address mutual concerns, and pave the way for future cooperation in the ICT sector.

This ministerial visit signifies a significant step towards solidifying the relationship between Papua New Guinea and Indonesia, particularly in the realm of information and communication technology.

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