Minister Tsiamalili Highlights Law and Order Progress in Menyamya

Sunday 24 March 2024

Minister for Police, Peter Tsiamalili Jnr. (left) with Member for Menyamya and Vice Minister for Treasury, Solen Loifa (centre)  (picture: Police Media).

The Minister for Police, Hon. Peter Tsiamalili Jnr.  has highlighted positive developments in the delivery of Menyamya District Law and Justice services that set an example for other areas around the country.

The Minister visited Menyamya, Morobe Province,  this week as part of the handover of new equipment including police cars with local Member and Vice Minister for Treasury, Hon. Solen Loifa.

“Menyamya has made great progress towards establishing a full justice system in the heart of the district and is making people feel a lot safer.”

He emphasised  law and order begins with homes and families willing to embrace good order and respect the law so that the district contributes to a justice system to help police to prevent the breach of laws.

Mr Tsiamalili called for   greater district engagement with police that integrates police more closely with communities, for a  stronger relationships between police and village leaders.

Minister  Tsiamalili further  emphasised the need for  better communication and awareness in preventing crimes relating to drugs, weapons or the abuse of women.

The Minister said at the judicial level, particularly through the leadership of Mr  Loifa, Menyamya has strengthened village courts and the representation of higher-level courts in the district.

The level of integration of local courts with the ability to have matters heard though higher courts in Menyamya is more advanced than many other areas.

“From the point of entering the criminal justice system following arrest and then through to the processing of convicted criminals, there has been considerable planning and effective implementation.”

He  described the  rural lock-up in  Menyamya, as  well  managed and of a high standard.

Correctional Services are also working closely with the district administration to have a more effective incarceration for those who are not fit to be at large in society.

Minister Tsiamalili  commended Mr Loifa  for his visionary leadership in bringing much needed changes to his district, in a short space of time as being a member of parliament.

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