NCD Under SOE Restrictions, Controller Urge Looters to return Items within 24 Hours

Saturday 13 January, 2024

In response to recent unrest, the National Capital District has been placed under a 14-day State of Emergency with several measures to manage public safety and recover stolen property. Prime Minister James Marape addressed the public, emphasizing that while a curfew is not in place, stricter policies will be implemented, including:

· Limited Gatherings: Public gatherings are restricted to a maximum of two people, excluding funerals.

· Alcohol Control: Strict purchase and sale limitations for alcohol will be enforced in designated areas.

· Loitering Ban: Loitering in public spaces will be prohibited.

· Business Operation: Essential businesses, shops, and public transport will continue operating as usual.

· Security Checks: Police and PNGDF will conduct random spot checks on people and vehicles.

· Stolen Goods Recovery: Citizens have 24 hours to voluntarily return stolen goods, after which security personnel can enter premises to retrieve them and apprehend individuals under the State of Emergency.

Acting Police Commissioner Donald Yamasombi assured the public that the police force remains dedicated to maintaining order and working towards a peaceful resolution. He added that legal details of these measures are being finalized for immediate implementation.

The Controller has also issued a 24-hour ultimatum for the voluntary return of items stolen during the unrest.

Following this deadline, Security Personnel will be authorized to take action under State of Emergency (SOE) measure No. 2, which includes entering any premises to repossess items and arrest individuals.

The public is advised to stay informed and cooperate with law enforcement. While daily routines are not severely disrupted, residents are encouraged to remain vigilant and avoid unnecessary gatherings.

The success of these measures will depend on collective responsibility and adherence to the established restrictions.