Prime Minister Marape Commends Development Partners For Disaster Relief Assistance

Wednesday 3 April 2024

Prime Minister Hon. James Marape has paid tribute to all partner countries and development agencies responding with relief assistance for Papua New Guineans affected by natural disaster throughout the country.

Prime Minister Marape, who visited the affected areas in East Sepik and Chimbu provinces over the Easter weekend, extended his gratitude to  Australia, China, the United States, and development agencies on behalf of the government and the people of PNG for the relief aid.

“I am very thankful to see our partner countries and many development agencies step forward immediately to offer relief assistance to our people in East Sepik and Chimbu provinces.

“Full reports are still being furnished by the respective provincial governments on the full extent of the disasters, but immediately what is needed is shelter, drinking water and food.

 “I thank the Australian Government and AusAID for stepping in quickly to deliver supplies to our people in East Sepik Province.

 “United States through its development arm, USAID, is working in partnership with International Organisation for Migration (IOM), and have also launched their response efforts for East Sepik, while China has immediately presented cash assistance for those affected.

“Many of these agencies are working closely with the respective provincial governments and our National Disaster Centre to make sure our people are assisted while the Government works at coordinating more permanent restorative aid.

 “I thank the governments and people of these countries for continuing to prioritise Papua New Guinea in respect to natural disasters as we are prone to these natural calamities regularly,” said PM Marape.

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