Foreign Minister Tkatchenko meets with new Singapore Prime Minister Hon. Lawrence Wong

Thursday 23 May 2024

 Minister Tkatchenko, outgoing PIF Secretary General and Former Cook Islands PM Henry Puna, Singapore Foreign Minister  Dr Vivian Balakrishnan (right)

Foreign Affairs Minister Honourable Justin Tkatchenko  on Wednesday 22  May, met with new Singapore Prime Minister Honourable Lawrence Wong in an official meeting at the Third Singapore-Pacific High Level Visit, in Singapore.

Foreign Minister Tkatchenko in his first order of business personally relayed to Prime Minister Wong, a Congratulatory Message from Prime Minister Hon. James Marape, on his appointment as Prime Minister, on behalf of Government, and the people of Papua New Guinea.

Prime Minister Wong expressed his gratitude, and requested that his message of greeting and gratitude also be relayed to his counterpart leader, Prime Minister Marape.

“It was a great honour to meet for the first time the new Prime Minister of Singapore, Hon. Lawrence Wong.

Hon. Wong has been a long-term MP, and through succession and announcement nearly two years ago, has now become Prime Minister,” Minister Tkatchenko said.

“Singapore has had political stability for over 20 years,  under former Prime Minister Hon. Lee Hsien Soong since 2004.

“Prime Minister Wong comes with a lot of experience, a lot of knowledge and has been groomed for this position and succession, and to take over from the former Prime Minister.”

Minister Tkatchenko’s meeting with the Prime Minister was at the Official State House, where other Pacific Island leaders and Foreign Ministers also personally met the new world leader separately.

Prime Minister Wong also expressed at this meeting that he is keen and interested in an official meeting with Prime Minister Marape in the near future. 

“Singapore is very keen to work with us and to renew relations going forward between our two nations.”

Papua New Guinea and Singapore relations over the past years have lacked close and consistent consultations on the bilateral relations front, and there was mutual consensus for more partnerships in various different programs and activities, with the ideal arrangements beneficial for both countries.

“It was a very positive meeting and we were able to have a very productive conversation, and we look forward to the closer working relations,” Minister Tkatchenko said.

Minister Tkatchenko also noted his conversation with Prime Minister Wong on Papua New Guinea’s 50th Independence Anniversary which will be celebrated in 2025, as well as on how far Papua New Guinea has come, and the work of the current Government, under Prime Minister Marape.

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