Rosso discusses diplomatic relations with   Ukraine’s Ambassador to Indonesia, HE. Dr Hamianin

 Thursday 23 May, 2024

Ukraine’s Ambassador to Indonesia, HE. Dr Vasyl Hamianin (left) and Deputy Prime Minister, John Rosso ( picture supplied).

Deputy Prime Minister Hon.  John Rosso  recently met  with Ukraine’s  Ambassador to the Republic of Indonesia and Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN), His Excellency Dr. Vasyl Hamianin,  and discussed mutual  concerns, interests  and diplomatic relations.

The meeting was a significant step towards fostering mutual interests and exploring the potential for stronger diplomatic ties between Papua New Guinea and Ukraine.

During the discussions, Deputy Prime Minister Rosso and Ambassador Hamianin addressed several key areas of mutual concern and interest, including economic cooperation, cultural exchange, and the potential for collaborative efforts in various sectors such as agriculture, technology, and education.

Both parties expressed their enthusiasm for the opportunities that enhanced diplomatic relations could bring to their respective nations.

Mr Rosso highlighted the importance of international collaboration in addressing global challenges and emphasized Papua New Guinea’s commitment to strengthening its global partnerships.

He expressed optimism about the potential benefits of closer ties with Ukraine, particularly in terms of economic growth and cultural enrichment.

Ambassador Hamianin conveyed Ukraine’s request in establishing official diplomatic relations with Papua New Guinea and underscored the shared values and interests that unite the two countries. He also extended an invitation for further dialogue and exchange to explore specific areas of cooperation.

Mr  Rosso acknowledged the request expressing that he will bring to Prime Minister James Marape’s attention,  and added that the Government of Papua New Guinea looks forward to the potential growth and development that such international partnerships can bring and remains committed to exploring new avenues of cooperation on the global stage.

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