Kombra: GTF Funds Have Been  Paid Into Schools’ Bank Accounts

Tuesday 21 May 2024

The Secretary for Education, Dr. Uke Kombra,  has confirmed payments of  Government Tuition Fee Funds  paid  into  schools’ bank accounts as of Thursday,16  May 2024.

According to Dr Kombra, the funds for the schools from decentralized provinces were paid last week Thursday.

“The Bank South Pacific (BSP) and Kina Banks have credited all the funds of schools that have bank accounts with them. Westpac Bank has credited all elementary schools, and batch 2 payments for National Schools of Excellence, secondary schools and vocational centres.

“I appeal to all heads of  schools  to keep the schools open because the funds have already been credited by the banks.”

He however added that  not all schools will be getting their payments because many of them have various issues to do with the closure of their bank accounts.

The Secretary has urged all the schools that have issues with their bank accounts to sort them out quickly so that they can be paid their funds.

“Schools that may have missed out on this payment  must see the Provincial GTFS Coordinator to sort their accounts or submit their latest School Census Forms to the office or email to the GTFS Unit on email address Betty_Napil@education.gov.pg.”

[Featured Image: Post-Courier]

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