Marape: Elite Police Unit being assembled to respond to law, order situations in  country  

Thursday, 22 February 2024

The National Government plans to   establish an ‘elite’ police unit as part of the measures to strengthen the Royal PNG Constabulary and the bigger Law  and  Justice sector.

Prime Minister Hon. James Marape revealed this in Parliament this week while responding to questions raised by Vanimo-Green MP, Hon. Belden Namah on lawlessness in the country.

One of Namah’s questions was a reference to his recommendation on the establishment of a special ministry to manage border security.

 Prime Minister Marape said this proposal has been given some attention, but the Government was working to firstly strengthen the Police Force.

 “One of these strategies was to establish an elite unit within the Force for which over 200 personnel have been handpicked and undergoing basic training with advanced training in the pipeline, he said.

“The unit will have special training to have quick response ability to attend to needs in tribal fight areas and engage in special police operations.”

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