Prime Minister Marape announces comprehensive measures to combat lawlessness in PNG

Wednesday 21 February 2024

Prime Minister  Hon. James Marape  today announced a comprehensive plan aimed at reinforcing law enforcement and the judicial system, in a move to tackle lawlessness in the country.

The measures include:

  • Increase in police presence and enforcement efficiency.
  • Expansion of magistrate numbers and the efficiency of summary offence courts.
  • Appointment of additional judges to enhance judicial efficiency.
  •  Enhancement of jail facilities to securely detain law violators.
  •  Intensification of intelligence and data collection efforts.
  • Implementation of a population registry.
  •  Initiation of a Commission of Inquiry by a serving judge into police force operations.
  •  Legal amendments to impose life imprisonment for initiators of tribal conflicts and the arrest of participants, and
  •  All other suggestions raised by MPs in Parliament today.

“These measures represent a firm stance by the government against violence and lawlessness, underscoring a commitment to restore peace and order throughout Papua New Guinea,” Prime Minister Marape said

The  debate  in Parliament today focused on the urgent need to curb the rising violence and ensure public safety across the nation, following the tragic events in Wapenamenda, Enga, which led to numerous fatalities last Sunday.

Prime Minister Marape assured his fellow leaders, “I assure all fellow leaders that all issues raised on lawlessness in this afternoon’s session of Parliament are noted,” emphasising the government’s commitment to action.

He further stated, “The Police Commissioner has been put on notice to ensure we secure our country.”

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