Marape: Government Unshaken by Vote Of No Confidence  Motion

Thursday 23 May 2024

Prime Minister Hon. James Marape has affirmed, his  Government remains steadfast and undeterred by the Opposition’s vote-of-no-confidence motion.

“We had a full Cabinet today for our National Executive Council meeting and our government business for the two weeks of Parliament starting next Tuesday have been cleared,” Prime Minister Marape stated.

  “We are not deterred by any conversations on a vote-of-no-confidence despite all the hype. “If a vote-of-no-confidence is put up, the Parliament process will deal with it.

 “The title or position of prime minister is not my birthright, as I have said many times. If there’s anyone else out there who is better than me, then they can take over. I’m only doing my part in the time that I am here.

“Pangu Pati has support with 59 MPs as of yesterday and another to join and bring this up to 60. Coalition numbers are intact.

“We won 39 seats at the 2022 elections, which is a record number as far as the history of our elections is concerned. Our numbers are intact and secure as we go into this sitting of Parliament.”

PM Marape emphasized the right of opposition parties to challenge the government, promoting their right to hold the government accountable as part of the democratic process and freedom of expression.

He plans to present a comprehensive report on the government’s performance since May 2019, and advises against repeating the mistakes made in the February Parliament session regarding the Opposition’s vote-of-no-confidence motion.

“They brought in a motion with defects on it. “If they are filing a motion, it must be filed in accordance with the legal and technical requirements.

“These include correct signatures and designations of MPs involved. These are elementary and primary matters but they seem to get it wrong. Since our country’s Independence in 1975, vote of -no-confidence procedures have been in place and are entertained if done in the proper way.”

Prime Minister Marape added, “This Government under my watch will not avoid any of the challenges from those in the Opposition benches.

“But they must comply with all laws to do with vote-of-no-confidence. “We’re not ignorant to the requirements of law.

 “In fact, be reminded that there are a couple of MPs on that side now who crossed the floor of Parliament and broke laws in 2011, with the intention of forming a new Government,” he said.

“In 2024, due process is complied with. I welcome scrutiny and attempts of vote-of-no confidence, but please follow due process.”

Mr Marape announced  that Constitutional Bills for Parliament, including Declaration of PNG as a Christian country, Court Structure Amendments, and proposed amendments on vote-of-no-confidence filing attempts and grace period.

The statement further said, the National Gold Corporation Bill 2024 will not be brought to Parliament in this sitting, however, it will require   further consultations, “without removing the goal post of establishing a gold refinery in PNG.”

Mr Marape further remarked, the Opposition voted against declaring PNG a Christian country in the first reading in the last sitting of Parliament, and urged them to rethink and support this Bill for the good of the country.

It is expected that the other important bills will also be tabled.

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