PM Marape commends  Pomio MP  for implementing Government’s Connect PNG Program

Monday 11 March 2024

Prime Minister Hon. James Marape, commissioning Pomio District’s Second Vessell MV Pomio 2, while ENB Provincial Member, Michael Marum (right)  and Member for Pomio, Elias Kapavore (left) look on. (photo credit: PM’s Media).

Prime Minister Hon. James Marape, commended the Member for Pomio, Hon. Elias Kapavore, for implementing Government’s Connect PNG Program, when  he commissioned Pomio district’s second vessel, MV Pomio 2, in Palmalmal on Friday, 8 March 2024

The Pomio district  purchased two vessels to ferry passengers and cargo in the maritime province.

 Mr Marape emphasised that  whatever money allocated to the district and province, is being put to good use under the Connect PNG program to connect its people through sea transport.

 “Your Member, Elias Kapavore, discussed your need in connecting your district with Kokopo, Rabaul, and eventually Kimbe, and my government felt the urge to support.

“Member Kapavore has put his heart into your people and put resources to good use.

“We also saw your Provincial Member Michael Marum, and the district partnered to contribute K2 million, so the National Government did not hesitate but gave K8 million for the vessel.

 “Today, I am here and proud to celebrate the launch of this vessel, MV Pomio 2, for the people of Pomio and East New Britain,” said Prime Minister Marape.

He added that this was an example of working partnerships between the National Government, districts, and their leaders who have the vision for their people. Pomio in East New Britain was one such district.

 “I am here today to support and give recognition to your leaders and their leadership, who put people first. “Governor Michael Marum and Member Elias Kapavore, your foresight in working together is a testament to your heart for the people.

 “The K8 million which was given is your money and not my money. How can Pomio be left behind? It must be connected and economically empowered,” said Prime Minister Marape.

The Prime Minister said Pomio must be properly informed of how to get benefits like other districts and towns with local MPs having the best knowledge of local needs.

 He urged the people of Pomio to put to good use the vessel by going into agriculture and cultivating cocoa to sell to the markets.

He said the vessel will not only serve the district but both the New Britain Islands, Lae in Morobe, Bougainville, and other maritime provinces.

Prime Minister further   urged  full utilisation of the vessel with full loads of agricultural produce on its return runs from towns.

 “Go into farming cocoa and get other agricultural produce onto the ship and sell it in Rabaul and Kokopo or other towns.

 “Your ship MV Pomio 2 will now connect you to the township like Kokopo and Kimbe.

“ It’s your chance to put the service that your Member and Governor are bringing to your district to good use,” he said.

 Hundreds of people, some dressed in traditional attire, turned up as early as 6am on Friday morning to welcome the vessel at the Palmalmal jetty on her maiden voyage from Rabaul.

 Some shed tears, saying that many times, lives have been lost while travelling in motorized dinghies and the vessel is a relief to their transportation needs.

 The district is not connected by road from Rabaul, Kokopo, or Kimbe, and boats and ships are the only mode of transport and communication for the Pomio people.

 Prime Minister Marape, under the Connect PNG Program, has pledged to support the south corridor road, which will link Pomio District to Kokopo, Rabaul, and eventually Kimbe.

 The vessel, which costs in excess of over K9 million, is bigger and can carry over 200 people plus 20 tonnes of cargo. Local Member Hon. Elias Kapavore thanked Prime Minister Marape for supporting the purchase of the vessel.

 “This Marape-Rosso Government is touching the hearts and minds of our people of Pomio with the purchase of this vessel under the Connect PNG program.

 “The people of Pomio appreciate your government’s support, and we are with you till 2027,” said Mr Kapavore.

Meanwhile, Provincial Member, Michael Marum thanked Prime Minister Marape for going rural and supporting the province.

“Prime Minister, we the people of Pomio, Gazelle, and Kokopo are with your government.

 “This ship will help our people, and I call on my people to put to good use and get good benefit out of it,” said Mr  Marum.

The district now has two vessels, MV Pomio 1 and MV Pomio 2.

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