Prime Minister Marape Advocates for Priority in Public Servant Housing Project in PNG

Tuesday 12 March 2024

Prime Minister Hon. James Marape is advocating for the prioritisation of the housing project for public servants in Papua New Guinea, highlighting its significance for the well-being of the nation’s diligent workers and its substantial return on investment for the country’s economy.

In a meeting held on Thursday, 7 March 2024, at Sir Manasupe Haus with Kina Bank CEO Greg Pawson and Chief Secretary to Government Ivan Pomaleu, Prime Minister Marape underscored the urgency of addressing the housing crisis facing many public servants currently residing in settlements.

“Housing is a major issue in Papua New Guinea today, with many public servants reportedly living in settlements.

“This is a great concern which I have raised many times in the past and gave instructions to the Department of Lands but not much has progressed so far,” Prime Minister Marape stated.

Prime Minister elaborated on the initiative to award land titles to public servants, allowing them to build homes under a long-term payment agreement with concessional loan terms. This plan ensures that, in the event of a public servant’s death, their heirs can continue the loan repayment until it is fully settled.

“This is to enable Papua New Guineans, especially those working hard and contributing positively to the growth of this country and paying tax to be given the opportunity to buy off and own land or a home.

“The return on investment for PNG’s economy is huge in many ways,” Prime Minister Marape explained.

He  highlighted the multiple economic benefits that would arise from the establishment of these homes, including increased government revenue from utilities payments and other advantages.

Mr Marape has also tasked the Chief Secretary to Government with the urgent directive for the Lands Department to expedite the housing project, thereby facilitating land allocation for public servants and other tax-paying citizens to benefit from it.

Additionally, Prime Minister Marape called on major commercial banks, such as Kina Bank, to assist in these efforts by facilitating concessional loan arrangements, enabling Papua New Guineans to purchase and own homes.

Prime Minister Marape also expressed his gratitude towards Kina Bank for its ongoing support of Papua New Guinea through various initiatives, including SME loan arrangements and assistance during the fuel crisis with Puma Energy among other challenges faced in the recent past.

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