Prime Minister Marape Mandates Centralisation of Government Offices in Waigani, Port Moresby

Tuesday 12 March 2024

In a strategic move to streamline operations and enhance coordination among the three arms of Government, Prime Minister Hon. James Marape has directed that all principal Government offices must be located within the Waigani area of Port Moresby.

This directive aims to consolidate the Executive, Judiciary, and Legislature sectors for improved efficiency and collaboration.

 Prime Minister Marape articulated his vision for the Central Business District (CBD) of Port Moresby, emphasising that it should be a hub for private enterprises rather than housing Government offices.

“All key Government departments and agencies must be centralised in the Waigani area for ease of movement and also for better coordination, and must not be in the CBD area or in residential or recreational areas.

“ With exceptions for a few Government offices which are located in certain areas of the city for specific reasons, all key Government offices from the three arms of Government that we have must be centralised or located closer to each other,” Prime Minister Marape stated.

Further to this announcement, Prime Minister Marape revealed plans for the Ministry and Department of Prime Minister, alongside the National Executive Council (NEC), to transition from Sir Manasupe Haus to the Melanesian Haus, positioned directly opposite Parliament Haus with the National and Supreme Courts in proximity.

This move is scheduled to occur within the next few months, signifying a significant step towards the envisioned centralisation.

Chief Secretary to Government Ivan Pomaleu confirmed the Prime Minister’s announcement, stating the relocation of staff from the Ministry and Department of Prime Minister and NEC from Sir Manasupe Haus to Melanesian Haus is expected to commence within the next month or two.

 This strategic relocation underscores the Government’s commitment to fostering a more integrated and cohesive administration within the heart of Papua New Guinea’s capital.

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