Prime Minister  Marape Announces Potential Recruitment Opportunities for Papua New Guineans in the Australian Army

Isurava, Northern  Province,  Thursday April 25, 2024

Prime Minister, Hon. James Marape  , disclosed promising discussions regarding the recruitment of Papua New Guineans into the Australian army, during a historic trek along the Kokoda Trail with his counterpart, Australian Prime Minister Hon. Anthony Albanese.

 These discussions took place during bilateral meetings with Australian ministers in Canberra earlier this year.

 Prime Minister Marape emphasised the mutual interest in strengthening military cooperation between the two nations.

 “One thing that came out of the meeting is that they are looking to recruit (into the Australian army),” he stated.

He further highlighted the potential benefits of such collaboration: “They’ve asked me, if possible, for deeper engagement between our military and their military.”

The Prime Minister also expressed his support for the initiative, noting the readiness of Papua New Guineans to participate.

 “I’ve pointed to them that we have many young men if they need to recruit more soldiers, and also to work in the military,” he said.

“I’ve told them that Papua New Guineans are ready to be picked up.

“This is a programme that we’re trying to advance between our two countries and has been further consolidated with Prime Minister Albanese’s visit here and walking part of the Kokoda Trail with me.”

This ongoing dialogue marks a significant step towards deeper military collaboration and opens up new avenues for bilateral cooperation between Papua New Guinea and Australia.

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