The  Sepik Disaster Appeal receives support from the International Communities in Port Moresby

The China PNG Friendship Association has donated 500 tool boxes to the 2024 Sepik Disaster Appeal for the people who were affected by the Flood and the Earthquake.

Jimmy Lee of the China PNG Friendship Association with representatives from the Chinese communities here in the country presented the tool boxes to Governor for East Sepik Hon. Allan Bird and the Executives of the 2024 Sepik Disaster Appeal led my Chairman Mr John Wesley Gonjuan.

“Inside one box are two saws, 2 hammers, a plier, a roll of wire and some nails,” said Mr Lee.

He expressed his sincere sympathy to the people who were affected and stated that the China PNG Friendship Association shared the same.

“ We are humans and we have feelings. This is who we are and how we do things as our responsibility to the society to help”.

Mr Lee said they have approached Governor Bird and agreed to donate tools which will help back homes that were destroyed.

Governor Bird thanked the China PNG Friendship Association for this timely assistance as the affected areas are going through rebuilding phase and will need these tools to help them rebuild their destroyed homes but much more stronger and higher houses.

“Flooding is normal to the people in the area however the damages done were from the earthquake that hit them at the same time as the flood and had destroyed many houses,” Governor Bird explained.

He said when he visited the affected houses, the people shared with him that high floods helped them to move bigger and heavy logs to build their houses however this time it came with the earthquake and had destroyed them.

Governor Bird said the tools set donated,  one box can be given to two families to share.

He thank all the Governments, International partners, Businesses, individuals and all those who have assisted and those who have supported the 2024 Sepik Disaster Appeal for the people in the Province who have been affected.

He also thanked the West Papuan Community and the Ex-Aiyura who were also there with their donations while receiving the donation from the China PNG Friendship Association.

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