Prime Minister Marape Outlines Agenda for Upcoming Parliamentary Session

Monday 12 February 2024

The upcoming February session of Parliament, which commences tomorrow (Tuesday 13 February), is set to address a substantial agenda of Government Business.

 Prime Minister Hon. James Marape  in outlining  this today,  said the  announcement comes amid widespread discussions of a potential no-confidence vote against his leadership.

 Prime Minister Marape previewed the session’s workload, indicating that over 30 matters are on the list for deliberation.

“These legislative efforts underscore the Government’s commitment to addressing critical issues facing the nation, bolstering its legal infrastructure, and shaping the country’s future direction in alignment with its cultural and societal values,” he said.

“Parliament is resuming tomorrow, and we will not be running away from our duties, despite all this talk of a no-confidence vote.

 “We have a lot of Government Business to attend to for the good of the country.”

Among the key items highlighted by Prime Minister Marape is the Constitutional Amendment on Court Restructure.

This amendment aims to introduce an Appeals Court between the National Court and the Supreme Court to expedite the clearance of the backlog of court cases.

“This will allow for the establishment of an Appeals Court between the National Court and the Supreme Court, and will allow for the clearance of a backlog of court cases,” he explained.

“The government has previously passed legislation enabling the recruitment of up to 200 judges, a move that complements this effort.

This is something we have been working on together with the Supreme Court and the Chief Justice.

The Constitutional Amendment is now going before Parliament and this will be a major restructure for a country with a growing population and economy.”

Additionally, the Prime Minister announced plans for a Constitutional Amendment to declare Papua New Guinea as a Christian country and the introduction of legislation to increase the retirement age of Constitutional Office Holders to 75, among other initiatives.

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