Prime Minister Marape Secures Overwhelming 84-0 Support in Confidence Vote Amid Opposition Walkout

Thursday 15 February 2024

 Members of Parliament today reaffirmed their  confidence   in the leadership of Prime Minister Hon. James Marape, following an  unanimous vote taken in Parliament, where  84 members voted in favor, while members of the  Opposition  walked out of the Chamber.

The motion, introduced by the Leader of Government Business, Hon. Rainbo Paita, was a response to a no confidence challenge from the Opposition.

 Prime Minister Marape emphasised that the procedures of Parliament were duly followed, highlighting the unity and strength of his government.

He extended his gratitude  to the 84 MPs who stood by him, specifically mentioning the diverse party representation among the supporters, including 56 from his ruling Pangu Pati, 11 from United Resources Party, six from Social Democratic Party, four from People’s Party, two from Liberal Party, one  each from National Alliance, People’s Movement for Change, and  Melanesian Liberal Party, thus, showcasing a broad base of support across the political spectrum.

Asserting his steadfastness in the face of political challenges, Prime Minister Marape declared, “No one is going to run away from a vote-of-no-confidence under James Marape.”

 He underscored the right of the Opposition to challenge his leadership, contingent on having sufficient numbers to back such a move.

In thanking Acting Speaker Hon. Koni Iguan for maintaining order and decorum in Parliament, Prime Minister Marape emphasised the importance of the parliamentary process and the opportunity it provides for open debate and dissent.

He raised concern over  the Opposition’s walkout as  a departure from these principles, arguing for a more constructive engagement within the established parliamentary procedures.

“Leadership and decisions in Parliament are determined by the rule of numbers,” Prime Minister Marape said.

“I call on all Members of Parliament to engage constructively and respect the democratic processes, especially the importance of standing orders and the mechanisms available for expressing dissent and challenging government motions.

“I reaffirm my commitment to leading Papua New Guinea with integrity and dedication, and invite all members of Parliament to participate in the democratic process with maturity and respect for the rules that govern the nation’s legislative body.”

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