Single Window System Blueprint Vital for Trade Facilitation in Special Economic Zones – Says SEZA Chairman Badira    

Tuesday 7 May 2024

Chairman of the Special Economic Zone Authority Board,  Varigini Badira, has commended the PNG Customs and National Trade Office in advocating and facilitating a blueprint for the Single Window platform.

 He expressed his gratitude to his Minister responsible, Minister for International Trade and Investment, Hon Richard Maru, for overseeing the  development of this important blueprint.

The blueprint is expected  to be submitted soon  to the  Nation Executive Council to deliberate on and adopt it to be implemented across all regulatory agencies that facilitate international trade.

“It is a critical enabler to manage and facilitate increase in trade volumes,” he added.

Mr Badira emphasised the importance of creating  a “Single Window” system, stating, “It  will cut the cost of paperwork, minimize the response time from days to hours, bring in transparency in approval process and most importantly promote cooperation, coordination and collaboration among regulatory agencies abroad and in-country.”

He added it is  one of the biggest development and trade challenges being  addressed.

 Mr Badira further explains, that the  Single Window system is a plug and play software and runs through the ASYCUDA programme.

“Thus far,  it has customs trade facilitation systems running in around 100 countries and territories.

“It will make it easier for our people operating in various business such as those in the fisheries, agriculture, manufacturing to name  but a few , to import and export goods because of this single window approval and processing platform.”

Mr Badira highly commended  PNG Customs Chief Commissioner Mr David Towe and his dedicated PNG Customs team for pioneering the system in country.

“ Its impact is evident as PNG has seen tremendous benefits including record revenue raising by PNG Customs and the fast paced turnaround processing times after the implementation of the ASYCUDA Programme.”

He  further emphasised that  SEZA will  benefit greatly from ASYCUDA Program as it lays the basis to build a system for the Special Economic Zone One Stop Shop, to facilitate Special Economic Zone incentives transparently and efficiently.

Mr. Towe, who is also a senior  Member of the Special Economic Zone Authority Board, has recently played leadership role in pioneering investor confidence in SEZ process on the application of SEZ exemptions as a result,  has seen SEZA secure up to K1.2b foreign direct investment.

Mr Badira foresees the ASYCUDA System  as  the key to facilitating SEZ Trade.

“SEZA is a  Special Economic Zone Authority, a government  agency,  tasked with promoting the establishment and development of special economic zones in Papua New Guinea. SEZs are designed to create a business-friendly environment that promotes investment, job creation, and economic growth.”

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