Finance hands over APEC Haus to National Events Secretariat

Friday 19 April 2024

The National Executive Council (NEC) has made a decision to transfer the management and operations of the APEC Haus to the National Events Secretariat under the Department of Prime Minister & National Executive Council.

This arrangement was in consultation with the Minister for Finance, Hon. Rainbo Paita,  and the Department of PM&NEC to put the operation of the APEC Haus under National Events Secretariat.

This is so all government events and those that would like to hire the facility privately can utilize it through this new arrangement.

The Department of Finance has now relinquished all administration and management duties to the National Events Secretariat to ensure proper management and coordination of the government facility.

The Minister for Foreign Affairs and National Events, Hon. Justin Tkatchenko,  thanked Minister Paita and the Department of Finance for prudently maintaining the APEC Haus for the last six (6) years.

Minister Paita stated that the National Events Secretariat was the right coordinating Office to manage APEC Haus, and to ensure it is correctly administered and operated.

Minister Tkatchenko specified that APEC Haus is an iconic government infrastructure and must be properly managed for its long-term benefit.

The handover of the facility will take place immediately, and a total review and audit of its operations will be conducted as well to ensure this facility serves its intended purpose.

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