Paita Calls For Stakeholder Consultation on Proposed Gold Refinery Project and Legislative Bill

Friday 3 May 2024

Minister for Finance, Hon. Rainbo Paita has proposed a wider stakeholder consultation on the proposed Gold Refinery Project and its legislative Bill.

This  is in light of the growing concerns  expressed by the general public, including the members of the Law Society, Mining industry and other professional bodies.

“ As a country we need to fully understand that project. “I see a lot of people have no issues with the idea of doing this project but the issues they raised need to be formally registered and addressed by relevant authorities so we can go forward.”

Minister Paita believes,   concerns raised stemmed  from assumptions and incorrect information, and a serious lack of understanding and knowledge of the project’s scope, financing, ownership structure, legal and regulatory obligations as well as it’s scale of benefits to the country.

“Although Government has made a number of detailed public announcements about the key features of the Project, it is apparent that further by having this stakeholder consultation is desirable.”

Minister Paita has   written to the Prime Minister,  strongly recommending for the Government to defer the proposed legislative bill to the next sitting of  Parliament and allow for   stakeholder consultations with all the relevant stakeholders including Members of Parliament.

“This will allow time for the State to or will have the opportunity to provide all the necessary clarities over various matters which have been raised, the concerns as well as to establish a clear understanding of the project details and operation essences of the proposed legislative bill,” he said.

“I am confident that with further accurate information being provided and an opportunity of discussion about the benefits of the Project, the concerns raised will be addressed and satisfactorily resolved.”, said Mr Paita.

Mr Paita expressed concern over  tabling of the  bill  in the forthcoming Parliament session, stating it  would not be healthy, hence, it  could be counterproductive to this very important project to the country.

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