Papua New Guinea, Japan share a unique bilateral relationship

Tuesday 20 February 2024

Foreign Affairs Minister Justin Tkatchenko, participating at the 64th Birthday celebration  of the Emperor of Japan on Monday, 19 February 2024.

Papua New Guinea and Japan share a unique relationship going back into history and will continue to strengthen these diplomatic ties in many more years to come.

Foreign Affairs Minister Hon. Justin Tkatchenko  made these remarks at the occasion of  celebrating  the 64th Birthday of His Majesty the Emperor of Japan on Monday night.

Minister Tkatchenko affirmed that Japan now stands as Papua New Guinea’s third largest trade partner.

 “We appreciate your efforts, your time and opportunity to come here and support our country going into the future.

“From our history to where we are now, we thank the Japanese government for your generosity and your partnership in many projects and programs that are being implemented here in PNG and we look forward in continuing those and making them happen.

“For us, it is not only about celebrating a very significant day for your Emperor,  but also all about friendship to better our relationship working together for the good of both our countries and our people.”

Minister Tkatchenko added, “We want to say thank you, we will continue to work with you for the benefit of our people and our diplomatic relationship going forward.”

Prime Minister Hon. James Marape who joined the event later in the evening acknowledged the occasion.

“We cannot understate Japan’s friendship with PNG, it goes back many years.

“Lately Japan has stepped up its own support to us under my administration in the last four hard years.”

“Japan has been a steady partner of help and continues to be a friend to Papua New Guinea – we appreciate this and share with you at this occasion, the spirit of celebrations,” Prime Minister Marape said.

Japanese Ambassador to Papua New Guinea,  His Excellency Mr. Nobuyuki Watanabe said it had been a difficult start in 2024 for both Japan and Papua New Guinea

His Excellency Watanabe said while Japan was hit with earthquakes, the challenges in PNG had made Japan aware of the difficulties and complexities in the country.

“Nevertheless, with a renewed and fully energetic spirit, we continue to be determined and work for the future in development, and  relationship between our region and Japan.

“I look forward to the future development of our bilateral relationship through such exchanges and other activities throughout this year.

“I and all the staff of the Japanese Embassy in PNG will be committed to make even greater contributions together with you – we look forward to a better year for all of you,” H.E Watanabe said.

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